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March 2021

"For a moment, I imagined myself as a petulant daughter, crouching in the grass before scurrying away into the palms where no one could find me. But I…
On the Atlanta shootings.
The Writing: Do you feel pressure to make a certain kind of art? What has this changed for your art practice? What has stayed the same?Thanks for coming by. This post has been migrated.
Also known as: giving others the opportunity to support you.
‘What Is a Writing Community, Anyway?’It's a simple matter of kindness, generosity, and surprise.
and Five Questions with Devin Kate Pope.

February 2021

The Writing: How do you assess the quality of your work?Thanks for coming by. This post has been migrated.
and Five Questions with Samantha Cheh.
It's a process of getting to know your own work.
On Layli Long Soldier and writing imperfect language
It’s not a simple choice.